Eveline Rossi is the mastermind and CEO of the Swiss Interior Design Company “Rossi Interiors” based in Zürich.

Her style is opulent and playful but always functional. Clients who expect something exceptional will never be disappointed.

She has always loved decorating… even as a child she would rearrange the furniture in her room or change bedrooms within the family home. She has a degree in Business Engineering and left her successful banking career in 2008 to start her own business with her husband Piero in Zürich. 

Piero Rossi had his Architecture Office in Zug and developed commercial and private residences.  Now he is the CFO of Rossi Interiors and plans the upcoming trips as well as being an advisor on architecture projects. Their atelier is in Zürich and Mallorca. Work and pleasure go hand in hand…

The idea and purpose of this guide comes from one of their hobbies. Travelling has always been a big passion in their lives. During their travels they like to spend time in cosy, well-designed hotels as well as eat in stylish restaurants. Being away from home and discovering new countries and cultures, they seek places that are welcoming and comfy. 5 Star Hotels and Michelin Star Restaurants are not always their favorite places.  Design and Functionality are very important for Eveline & Piero to relax and unwind when they are at home as well as on their travels. So why not share these impressions with friends and followers?

It’s not just about good food and great locations; it’s about passion. It’s their ambition to find stylish living spaces and to share this precious information with equal minds.

They will be delighted to welcome you as a subscriber to this exclusive Design&Travel Guide!

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