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Gastronomic and cultural history in Malaga

ANDINO Restaurant and Gastrobar, where the specialty is delicious Latin American cuisine created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of Latin America itself. They take great pride in improving upon their favorite dishes from Chile, Peru up to Mexico in new and creative ways. Meat lovers and vegetarians/ vegans alike find what their heart desires.

If you are looking for Latin American specialties in an authentic ambience in Málaga, come visit the cozy family restaurant in the historic center and also try our select Chilean wines and refreshing Latin American cocktails. Experience the magic of Latin America through its rich flavors, distinct spices and music!

Chilean head chef Alvaro has been creating delicious food from South and North America for years

Dress code: casual

The Chilean head chef Alvaro has been creating delicious food from South and North America for years and has worked in hotels and restaurants all over the United States before moving to Málaga and opening ANDINO Restaurant in 2016 together with Matias, a fellow Chilean who has dedicated himself to catering and bartending for years.

With their passion for bringing the rich and authentic cuisines from South America to Málaga, with a focus on exceptional quality, bold flavors and a contemporary twist, the menu is a creative journey of culinary delights all over Latin America combining Latin ingredients and spices with the freshest ingredients from local markets. Enjoy Peruvian ceviches, texmex quesadillas and nachos, Chilean empanadas, Mexican tacos, Venezuelan arepas, Peruvian lomo saltado, bolivian pique macho, choices of Latin barbecue meat, fish, seafood, and lots of flavorful vegetarian and vegan options. 

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Interior Designer:in house
Interior Design Style:Latin American
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Phone:✆ +34 673 86 72 14
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Excellent & authentic Latin American Cuisine

Tables Outside

Maybe not the best designed gastrobar… but the food is amazing.

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